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CycleWand was opened in October 2013 to cater for the needs of the local cyclists in and around the Brighton & Hove area, always providing honest & friendly advice with a high level of customer service. We have a range of bicycles and accessories for sale to cater for all types of riding, including electric bikes from Forme eBikes and Merida eBike.

We pride ourselves as specialists in cycle repair and maintenance and offer complete levels of bike servicing at competitive prices and unmatched value; from a simple tube replacement to a full strip down service & overhaul we have your needs covered. We also offer expert wheel building and free of charge visual safety checks. Collection and delivery is also available by arrangement. You can learn more about the store HERE, Our store opening hours, address and contact details can be found HERE

Call us on: 01273 929 434

CycleWand favours repairs and maintenance. We believe in minimising waste and maximising value. Bikes are an environmentally friendly mode of transport; however it’s certainly true that more effectively maintaining your bike ensures that it helps to reduce the carbon footprint of replacing it with a new one and remains enjoyable to ride. Peer reviewed research at such as and many others point out clearly the positive environmental impact of not using the car.

Where we can, we use less harmful oils and sprays in our repairs and servicing, and source these from people who have values aligned with ours. We are constantly seeking local suppliers of more environmentally friendly bike products. We do this because we’re working towards ensuring that our business aligns with our wider thinking and values. Find out more about us. Re-think, Repair. Maintain

Our professional cycle servicing prices are just below, but we are also happy to advise on your next new bike from our specialist suppliers. We’d like to make sure that you get a bike that will bring you many years of cycle enjoyment. See our range of electric bikes here from respected cycling brands Merida and Forme.


Base Service

Gets your bike running smoothly and safely.

*Brake adjustment
*Gear adjustment
*Safety check whole bike
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*Any other small adjustments free of charge

Need your bike back in a hurry why not ask for our Express service for just £10 more.


Full Service

Base service, plus a little bit more.

*Brake and gear de-greasing, adjustment and re-lubrication
*Tightening all nuts and bolts to correct torque
*Adjustment of headset and bottom bracket if necessary
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary

*1% towards environmental non-profit organisations


Pro Service

Your bike will feel as fresh as when you first bought it, if not better.

*Full chainset strip down de-grease/re-grease and adjustment
*Wheels stripped down
*Headset inspected/greased
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*new inner cables where required

*1% towards environmental non-profit organisations


Deluxe Service

Your Bike will feel as good as new, if not better.

*New inner cables to improve braking and shifting
*Full chainset strip down de-grease/re-grease and adjustment
*Wheel hubs stripped down and inspected/greased
*Headset and Bottom Bracket Bearings inspected/greased
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*Full clean and polish

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Covid-19 UPDATE

Cyclewand is open and operating however we have had to make some changes, the store is now operating with flexible hours meaning our usual opening times are subject to change, where this occurs we will be contactable through our normal channels of Email and Telephone:
01273 929434

Collection and Delivery

Local collection and delivery service introduced to support the health of our community.

If you are unable to bring your bike to us we will now be offering a Collection and Delivery service across all repairs and servicing.

Call or email for more information

Free Essential Repairs For All Active Key Workers

Here at Cyclewand, we have always strived to do our best, be it customer service, reducing our environmental footprint, paying a living wage to staff, or giving back to the community.

Following government advice and after taking a short time out and to digest the size of the current challenge that we are all facing. We have implemented changes so that we can responsibly move forward and continue to serve the active key workers who need to use their bicycles as a safe way to commute to work.

We will be operating the store with variable hours and until the end of April we will not be charging for labour costs of all essential* bicycle repairs to key workers to ensure that they can continue the vital work that they do. We will only charge for parts.

As a small community based business we feel we are robust enough to be able to do this, at a time when everyone’s future is uncertain, including our own, we believe that supporting the community which has supported us so kindly is the right thing to do whilst we all attempt to navigate through these tough times.

Please bring your key worker ID with you.

*Repairs that are essential to the function of the bicycle, unfortunately we can not include bicycle servicing however for this we are happy to offer a further 10% discount on top of our existing discount.