About Us

We are the Green Bike shop…

The main reason Cyclewand exists is because we believe in cleaner healthier living, our aim is to reduce the impact we have on our planet, we will always look for greener waste reducing methods as leverage to drive us forward.

Bikes are a green mode of transport and leisure however we are very aware of the carbon footprint that each bike creates in its production, packaging and delivery, and in the waste that is produced whilst maintaining it and also at the end of its life.

Our business model favours repairs and maintenance as the preferred way for our customers to spend, sure we sell new bikes, however we will encourage trade ins so that we can refurbish/recycle your old bike and find it a loving new home rather than the landfill site it may have been destined for.

We use less harmful oils and sprays on our repairs and servicing and source these from people who have values aligned with ours, we are constantly seeking for local suppliers of less harmful products.

Sustainable is a buzz word right now, however 99.9% of businesses are far from sustainable and very few are actually beneficial to the planet, for the time being we have classed ourselves as a “conscientious” business, we are constantly looking for and implementing less harmful methods, our dream is for everything to not just become Sustainable but to become Beneficial too.

Giving Back

The role of Cyclewand is to stand up for the planet that supports us all.

We are proud to announce that this year (2017) we joined the 1% for the Planet movement (we are the first bicycle shop in the UK to do this), what this means is that 1% of every single sale goes to environmental nonprofits of our choice, we are so excited about this and we hope many other businesses follow suit.

Here’s what 1% for the Planet say in their book “Going Out is Going In”:

Turns out saving the world is one thing everyone can agree on, and that’s exactly what 1% for the Planet is doing. 1% for the planet sits right in the intersection of business and the environment, realising that companies have a critical role to play in protecting the planet, and that more of them should. The way it works is simple: Member companies of 1% for the Planet give 1% of sales, every year directly to causes they care about. That’s no small feat.

With more than 1200 member companies spread across the globe, the 1% for the planet to date has given over $175 Million to 3000 environmental nonprofits.

When you see the 1% for the Planet logo, you know you’re supporting a committed business, and can be secure in the knowledge that a portion of your money spent will influence positive environmental change on the scale that’s needed to protect and restore the places we work and play.

We can’t think of a more noble cause.

Connecting with us

We know the value of your words, at Cyclewand we value your opinions, suggestions and experiences so please feel free to honestly review and share openly your Cyclewand experience with your friends and online world (we are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google). If you loved our service then please do recommend us to your network, this will help us to continue bringing great value and great service to you, our customers, the people we serve and the planet.

Cyclewand can only continue to operate at this high level with your ongoing support and with a growing and supportive customer base, all the time we are able to harness this support we will be able to keep our pricing in line with our high street brothers, we will also continue to challenge online prices to offer you the best service and value possible whilst doing our very best ethically.

Being super conscious of how business affects the planet we are constantly reminded of the huge importance and value of your custom and the difference it can make.

We love genuine feedback and understand its importance, we invite you to email us with any ideas to improve business and philosophy, We are looking forward to working together as a community to implement solutions for a more beneficial future.