One of the most common cycling related searches is for ‘puncture repair’ or the essential ‘bike shop near me’ for the same reason. For our customers, we offer a call out service where we’ll come and actually collect your bike so that just the puncture repair, or a full bike service can be done in our shop, without you having to transport it. This means that we can get you cycling again as soon as possible, and rather than have lots of customers possibly driving into Brighton in separate cars, we can help reduce the carbon overheads and collect several customers bikes in a single run. This is a little more in-line with our business philosophy.

Puncture repair

Fixing a puncture is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to do their own basic bike maintenance. It’s a low cost fix for an everyday problem. At times, an all too common one! In reality, many cycling enthusiasts and repair specialists prefer to replace the tube, rather than apply a repair patch, as it offers a more reliable and stable long-term solution. This is particularly important when you need to rely on your bike for such as commuting, longer rides and where the increasingly reduced weight and form factor of wheels and rims are intolerant of imperfections.
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Let’s face it, even the best fitted patch, is never as good as the evenness and tested tolerance of a new tube. Inside a tire, tubes often wear out in an inconsistent manner and the wear pattern not always visible…. until it blows! Thankfully these days there are lots of off-the-shelf ways to minimise flat tyres. Probably the best option for most regular cyclists, are puncture resistant tyres. These are often great value, last ages and for most people mean almost no flats! Some cyclists even go so far as to return to solid tyres. Although with this choice comes a weight and handling compromise.



Commuting to work on a bike is definitely a luxury, especially when the weather is more favorable and the distance into work and back can be a great start an end to any day. So if and when you find yourself annoyed or just frustrated at the side of the road, looking down at that air-less tyre on your bike…. we know how that feels and we always aim to remove the hassle, and get you and your bike back on the road running it’s best so you can avoid the car and the inevitable jams.

Call in if we can help you with making sure that your bike is running its best:

There is always the spare wheel option……. anyone?

bicycle spare wheel for puncture repair

bicycle puncture repair or carrying your own spare wheel