Dignity Platform and CycleWand | Support your favourite charity

Creative Brighton

One of the reasons that we love Brighton is that it does seem to encourage creative ways of looking at existing models. Dignity Platform is another, but unique(!) example of that. Re-thinking the concept of helping others, charitable efforts or donating, and making the most of technology to do it sounds brilliant to us. We think it’s great what they have set out to achieve and we’re so happy about getting involved, that we wanted to shout about it a bit and inform as many as we can about it.

Dignity Platform at CycleWand shop in Brighton
Dignity Platform Pasco @ CycleWand

The Dignity team’s aspirations for their platform idea(s) align with how we feel as a business towards our goals [our philosophy], and echo some of our reasons for wanting to get involved. Although their web site explains all of this in greater detail, I’ll summarise the main concepts quickly here.

Previously if you wanted to donate to charity, you’d probably donate your time at an organised local charity event, or give money directly to the charity. Now you can use your skills, or search for and ask for the skills of others and in doing so you can both then decide where the money that would usually simply change hands is donated. Easy; pretty cool too.

Business story

As you read and look through the images and videos of their business story, there are some great quotes that perhaps help to summarise what the team is all about. Here’s a couple of my favourites, although I am sure that you’ll find your own when you visit the site 🙂

  • Support global solutions by giving your time  
  • Lead by example, be a truly purpose drive and fun organisation that is viable and impactful  
  • Help people to recognise their real value beyond their wealth + be more inspired to give (more than money)  


Dignity supported charities (but you choose!)

These are just some of the current charities and organisations being supported on Dignity Platform.

  • Dignity Platform
  • Greenpeace
  • Off The Fence
  • Refugee Community Kitchen
  • Refugee Info Bus
  • The Music Therapy Charity
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Brighton Community Nightshelter
  • Crossover Brighton
  • Help Refugees
  • Sussex Nightstop

When you post your jobs or offer your services you are encouraged to support whatever organisation you want! So you can chose to donate to other charities such as: Save the Children, Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), UNICEF, Samaritans or national ones such as the Youth Sport Trust.

Check out the Dignity platform at : www.dignityplatform.org

CycleWand’s business philosophy also centres around the idea of being part of the bigger picture. The idea of contributing positively to society and looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment. So were are really happy to be getting involved with Dignity Platform and the team behind it. We thought we’d put a couple of questions to Luke and Pasco as Co-founders to get a few of their thoughts directly…

Some questions to the founders of Dignity Platform

One of the things that i think comes through from your business story page is the power in sharing ideas and communicating, I can kind of imagine how this might also resonate through to the community aspect of your platform and the social interactions side of communities. What are your thoughts on that?

I’m sure that you must be happy about the success of the platform and the journey so far, but is there anything that you would like to take further now it’s all up and running?

Like us, others will feel inspired by what Dignity is working towards achieving and what you as a development team have built up together. What would you suggest to someone with their own ideas wondering if it could be realised?

What sort of feedback, either from users or others could you share, any in particular that made you really happy?  Do you think that the process of two people sharing what causes they would like to support has a knock on positive impact on how communities and individuals within them can work together?