Electric bikes or eBikes have revolutionised the world of cycling. Whether you’re a pro-rider, a leisure cyclist or a daily commuter, eBikes have numerous health and environmental benefits.

eBikes have an electric motor and rechargeable batteries which make pedalling that little bit easier. You still get the health benefits of cycling but with far less stress on the joints. Imagine being able to tackle the biggest hills that your regular bike struggles to handle and arriving at work fresh as a daisy, eBikes really can help you take your cycling to the next level.

Every time you use your eBike, an intelligent computer system logs your rides; helping you understand and keep track of your cycling patterns, your speed, distance and trip time, keeping you motivated to use your bicycle on a daily basis.

Our eBikes

We are proud to be the main stockists of Merida eBikes and Forme eBikes in Brighton & Hove. Merida and Forme are pioneering the eBike revolution.

You can see the full range of Forme eBikes here and Merida eBikes here.

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