We are specialists in cycle repair and maintenance.

We offer four levels of servicing, with a quick turnaround and unbeatable rates. Collection and delivery are available by prior arrangement. Eco-friendly cycle products in line with our business philosophy can be used upon request. In some cases this may incur a minor cost adjustment.


Base Service

Gets your bike running smoothly and safely.

*Brake adjustment
*Gear adjustment
*Safety check whole bike
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*Any other small adjustments free of charge

Need your bike in a hurry why not ask for our Express service available for just £10 more


Full Service

Base service, plus a little bit more.

*Brake and gear de-greasing, adjustment and re-lubrication
*Tightening all nuts and bolts to correct torque
*Adjustment of headset and bottom bracket if necessary
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary


Pro Service

Your bike will feel safe and ready for the streets and tracks

*Full chainset strip down de-grease/re-grease and adjustment
*Wheels stripped down
*Headset inspected/greased
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*new inner cables where required


Deluxe Service

Your Bike will feel as good as new, if not better.

*New inner cables to improve braking and shifting
*Full chainset strip down de-grease/re-grease and adjustment
*Wheel hubs stripped down and inspected/greased
*Headset and Bottom Bracket Bearings inspected/greased
*Includes minor wheel truing if necessary
*Full clean and polish

Don’t put that bike service off any longer.

Call us on: 01273 929 434

Specific bike maintenance costs

Ensure clean and easy gear changes by getting your gear indexing and shifting checked. Price includes new lubed inner cables at £24.99 or £19.99 without.

Nothing so important than good braking. Have your brakes revived and properly set up by a professional, including new lubed and pre-stretched inner cables £24.99 or £19.99 without.

Even hydraulic brakes benefit from a service. Ensure maximum stopping power and extend the effective life of your brakes with a full brake service and fluid flush £39.99.

Annoying movement on the front end of your bike? Steering feeling rough, or grinding because your bike sits out in all weathers. Get your headset checked and re-greased or have a new one fitted. Perhaps you have bought an after-market one elsewhere; we’ll still make sure it’s fitted correctly for you. Service or replacement labour charge £19.99

Very little on your bike gets as much wear and tear as the bottom bracket. Next to the wheels, these bearings are the lowest to the ground and are almost constantly under load whilst you pedal. Poorly maintained BB, means you pedal harder and can damage your axle and sometimes your frame. Service or replacement labour charge £19.99

Every bike loves a new chain. Revive your pedalling experience and prevent unwanted wear on your expensive chainset/cogs. Worn chains make pedalling harder and can exponentially wear out other more expensive components. Chain replacement labour charge £7.99

Rubber inner tubes wear out even if they are hidden away in your tyres. Perhaps you’ve a slow puncture or uneven inflation caused by distortion or worn tube/tyre. A correctly sized Inner tube and fitting from £17 will solve all that.

Out-of-true or buckled wheels are a cyclists Achilles heel. They spoil the experience of cycling and aside from making braking problematic and uneven, if left too long, will cause your rims to split through uneven tension. Our professional wheel truing service starts from £15.00 (to £25.00 depending on lacing pattern and wheel type.)

Let our professional team custom build your wheels to your spec, or bring in your after-market components and we’ll (wheel 🙂 ) happily lace them up to get you rolling. Wheel building £59.99 per wheel

Replacing a wheel might be the result of something unexpected, or an upgrade. Whatever your need or reason, we’ll ensure you are set up correctly. Wheel replacement labour £9.99 Front £15.99 Rear (includes Rear mech./ indexing).

With increasingly busy lives and pressures on our time and budgets, it’s easy to overlook the importance of getting your bike serviced regularly.

As bike repair and cycle maintenance specialists in Brighton & Hove we’re passionate about looking after your bike. We offer thorough servicing with no hidden costs and a super fast turnaround; to get you back in the saddle ASAP.

Regular servicing helps to ensure your bike is roadworthy and you are safe. It can also help prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

How often you’ll need your bike serviced will depend on how often you ride your bike and whether you ride it in all weathers or not. and the weathers you ride in. We advise 6 monthly servicing for average bike usage.

Cycle thumb shifter

Our customers often tell us how much better their bike feels to ride following a service. We’re especially grateful to those below who have allowed us to publicise their kind words about their experiences with us.

“I am amazed! Robert & Danny totally resurrected my ancient old mountain bike. Just when I thought it was time for the scrap heap, it now feels like a brand new bicycle” – [Iona | Brighton]

“I walked in thinking I’d need to be buying a new bike, but having got some advice about what I really needed, i left my bike for a service, got lunch and cycled home on a bike that felt like new!” [Richard | Brighton]

“I hate to admit that I’d been servicing my back hub badly for so long. But I am so glad I finally got someone who knew what they were doing to service it. Feels alot better now, thank you” [Rufus | Hove]

“Cyclewand is my ‘local’ because it’s just opposite The Level park. You guys have made cycling so much less hassle these days! [Jasmine | Hanover]