Sometimes we forget where we are, that we are in a place of life and living, we forget that we are all connected and that we are fully intertwined with everything and everyone and whether we like it or not everything moves and changes for us, for me there is no denying that life appears before me how I imagine it to be and it is forever shaping into an outward projection of my inner thoughts and feelings.

The two Brake the Cycle trips I was involved with helped connect me to my inner world and as a result a beautiful experience was created.

On the bike I couldn’t help but be in a good place, realising the value of nature I can’t help but feel good when I’m in it, surrounded by it, when new panoramas of life appear in front of me at every moment, when my blood is pumping through my veins after an intense hill climb and my celebrations of achievement are met by the sweaty hugs of those around me, when I was totally parched and am offered a precious gulp of thirst quenching water from a fellow rider, when a beautiful lake or river appeared just as I needed a cooling dip.

There is something about travelling by pedal power as a group in nature which changes you, you feel a sense of community, you feel people are there to back you, you feel and tap into a power that resides in all of us which alone we rarely have the courage to explore, it’s when you feel supported that you can move mountains (or at least cycle over them), and you feel totally connected.

I can often find myself isolated and alone in my little bubble of life, the weight of carrying the burdens of the world can sometimes feel heavy, Brake the Cycle was a great way to shift those burdens and to break the habit of thought that placed me there in the first place.

I felt that Brake the cycle was going to be a ‘fun holiday’ it turned out to be far more, it was a lesson in teamwork, community, sharing, giving, adapting, stamina and virtue, it was an experience that I just could not get from a ‘holiday’.

For Brake the Cycle teamwork as a word doesn’t cut it, it really was deeper than that as each adventure ultimately became a nomadic community which flowed harmoniously, everyone held together (not literally, often we split into groups whilst riding) and shared in the ups and downs of the road, the sense of achievement that these trips give are undeniable, the momentum and motivation combined with the ability to apply the principles learnt to my life have been a game changer.

Brake the Cycle has become a metaphor for my life, a different way of being, a reminder to celebrate, share and contribute to the world around me, and to create a better life for everyone while having fun and constantly challenging myself.

To back this up the trip included sessions with Chris Hardy a solid Coach and mentor who really helped me to extract the true value of these experiences, a value that exceeds any monetary price, a value that adds to the quality of the life I live, and to me that is priceless.

I really love what Joe and the Brake the Cycle team have achieved here, a value wrapped package with real nourishment for the soul, beauty for the eyes, and friends for your heart.

Brake the Cycle offers a truly life enhancing adventure at a fantastic price.

Check out their website here for more information, if you tell them I sent you, you may get some bonuses on the road!

Hope to see you on tour soon!